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Financing and Leasing Options:


Building With Our Leasing Advantage...

  • Conserves capital allowing you to retain cash liquidity to pay for other expenses

  • Your expanding business needs cash flow now while you expand you operations

  • Improve your credit history for future cash flow needs

  • Don't be left in the dust by old technologies or requirements get the space you need now upgrade later

  • Bigger write-offs at Tax Time

  • Finances 100% of the building, no down payment is required. A check for the advanced payments only is required upon execution of the lease

  • Easier accounting. You won't have to figure out interest and/or depreciation every month, just expense the entire payment

  • Provides a fixed rate

  • We provide a 24 hour turn-around time on most applications

  • We will do blemished and slow credit

  • Your credit rate is locked in for 30 days

  • We have all new lowest rates



Financing is possible through a partnership of Engineered Building Sales and Management Corp and First Union




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